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Site No 1 for fly fishing in Bulgaria

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*No more brown trout stocking?


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Slovenia 2017
The first week of July...

flyfishing photo

Competition improves the breed...

flyfishing photo

Fly fishing muddy water
The fallen rain...

flyfishing photo

Slovenia 2016
It was my 10th visit here after 2006...

flyfishing photo

Slovenia,autumn 2015
After the rain...

flyfishing photo

Slovenia,spring 2015
The long planning...

flyfishing photo

2014 recap
The end of season recap...

flyfishing photo

Slovenia 2014
It was my seventh visit ...

flyfishing photo

Early 2014 season
21 No kill trout rivers for the new season...

flyfishing photo

Slovenia 2013
After some spring rains...

flyfishing photo

More than 20 years later
First time No kill brown trout rivers...

flyfishing photo

2012 recap
The end of season recap ...

flyfishing photo

Slovenia 2011
Prior to Slovenia 2006...

flyfishing photo

***More articles...
As the saying goes...

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Fly fishing guide in Bulgaria
A solid 25+ years of fly fishing local waters, especially rivers with wild brown trout,
5x Bulgarian National Fly fishing Champion. Special stuff: small streams fly fishing,
chalkstream & freestone fly fishing, euronymphing, big trout tactics.
Mobile +359 887 648723

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Waku - the German manufacturer of quality monofilament,braided and fluorocarbon fishing lines is launching fly fishing leaders with the STROFT brand in different lenghts from 0,10mm /7х/ to 0,42mm /03х/.

Richard Wheatley - the oldest maker of quality fly fishing boxes has to offer a very special 150th Anniversary Limited Edition fly box.

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