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*** Thanks a lot Alex, it was realy a nice day today

        - Haim /Israel/


*** This was a special day! To catch the river in such great shape, great weather, no other anglers - simply perfection! Thank you!

        - Ivo Stoilov /USA/


*** I managed to win a medal from the National Fly fishing competition, the advices you gave me were useful...

        - Dean /Bulgaria/


*** Thank you for introducing me to a new technique in fly fishing. It is one I have heard much about and scoffed a little at. However, I can see that on certain conditions, it would work extremely well.
       Grasshopper, thanks the Master very much, for a lovely afternoon spent with a like-minded person, and at very short notice. I hope your trip goes well.

       - Paul /New Zealand/


*** Thanks for taking us on the river X for the last two days, Anne and I really enjoyed our fishing time.

       - Ralph /UK/


*** Thank you Alex, I appreciate all your efforts to create a great day! Enjoy the end of the season.

       - Kevin /USA/


*** I had a good day at river X. Took all you taught me and was catching many Euro Nymphing! Thank you. Next February we will have to go together

      - Nick /Canada/  


***Thank you very much for helping me to catch my first Bulgarian wild brown trout!

     - Tom  /USA/


***The pants came in yesterday just as I was leaving to go fish ! So they where tried out right away. Comfortable, sexy and they don't leak. Me like ! :-)
      Thanks again and I hope you have a great w/e !

   - Marc Fauvet /France/


 ***Thanks for the good packaging of the reel. It was a real pleasure doing business with you. Thanks for all.
    Take care,

   - Martin /Netherlands/


*** I would like you to show me river xxxx and river xxxx!

- Alex /Moldova/


***I will be very happy to have you like guide for the river
    thank a lot.

   - Eric Duch /France/


***Alex is the Tsar of the fly rod!

  - Niki Iovchev /Nikulden/


***You're a fly fishing terrorist and should be shot !

- Marc Fauvet /I dont know why Marc wrote to me this, its either he doesnt like my eurostyle nymphing or its the fact that often Im able to catch more/better fish :-) Maybe Marc will never stop our epic dispute we started on the old Sexyloops forumsmiley/


***The  fly rod that I bought from you is my preferred rod choice and I'm catching most of my fish with it.
-  Stan Mankov /Advance AAPGAI SH rod instructor/

*** Alex  really knows all the waters in the country and can give a good advice on how and where to catch fish.

- Stan Mankov /Advance AAPGAI SH rod instructor/.


*** Many thanks for the fast delivery, I have passed your website to other flyfishermen.

- Ian  /UK/



*** Everything was of excellent quality thanks!

- Bojidar Dulgerov


*** Thank you very much the new hooks look the business !

- Penko Stoyanov


***you have a very nice website with good stuff and very good price

-   Julien Durand /France/



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